How to Use a ROM to WAD Injector

WAD files are Wii files used to create the main channels on the main menu of a Wii console. There are no direct WAD creation software applications, but you can take pre-existing WAD files and "inject" them with ROM game files to replace the type of WAD they run as. When injected, the channel appearance will show the previous game preview graphic, but the new ROM file will load instead.

Download and save the "Impaler Wii Wad Injector" (see Resources). Save the file in an easy-to-access location like "My Documents" or the "Desktop."

Use WinRAR or WinZip to extract the downloaded files. Click on the "Extract" icon and select a location to save. Save the folder to the same location. Watch the progress bar to see when the extraction completes.

Open up the application by clicking on the ".EXE" file.

Select the type of ROM that you want to inject. For the best results, use ROMs with WADs that operate with the same type of emulator. For example, if you are using a WAD of a Sega Genesis game, you should inject a ROM from a Sega Genesis game.

Select the WAD file you want to inject. If you do not have a WAD file that you want to use, try resources like "We Hack Wii" or "Wii WADs." Find a WAD download for the proper system and save the file.

Give your new WAD a title. Since the introduction graphics will not change, using the title here is the only way to recognise a WAD title.

Click on the box to "Remove Region Code" if the ROM file or WAD file are from other countries. This will prevent any black screen errors from occuring when you install or play the WAD.

Click on the "Inject" button at the bottom of the application to complete the process. Wait a few moments and the ROM will successfully be injected into the WAD file.

Open the original application folder. Access the "Results" folder and double-click it. Inside, you will find a WAD file with the title that you gave it. Transfer this WAD file to a Wii SD card.

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