Copilot bike seats: instructions and directions

Co-pilot child bike seats are designed to attach to the back of your bike, allowing you to ride with your child safely secured in the seat behind you. The seat comes in two parts: the rack the seat sits on and the seat itself. All of the hardware required to install your CoPilot seat comes packaged with it, so the installation process requires only a single tool.

Secure the extenders to the rack base with the 10mm screws that came with the rack. Spread the rack's legs and place the rack over the bike's back tire. Line up the holes in the legs with the holes in the bike's back fork, insert the provided 18mm screws through the holes and secure them in place with the provided nyloc nuts. Do not tighten the nuts all of the way.

Line up the holes on the rack's extenders with the bike's braze-on mount holes. Insert the provided 25mm screws through the holes and secure them in place with the provided nyloc nuts. Do not tighten the nuts all of the way. Manually adjust the position of the rack until it is parallel with the ground, and tighten all of the nuts completely with a 5/16 inch box wrench.

Place the CoPilot seat on the back of the rack and slide it forward until you hear the security latches click into place. The seat should now be securely in place on the rack and should not move independent of the rack. If the seat does move independent of the rack, remove the seat and lock it into place again.

Pull down on the security catch on the backside of the CoPilot seat to open the security catch. Insert the provided security bar into the security catch to finish securing the seat to the rack.

Wrap the security strap that is attached to the CoPilot seat around the bike's seat stem and hook the strap's clip onto the seat's D-ring. Tighten the strap until there is no slack.

Locate the centre-of-gravity marks on the side of the CoPilot seat and ensure that they are not more than 4 inches behind the bike's rear axle. If the seat fails to pass the inspection, loosen the screws holding the rack extenders in place, push the rack forward and retighten the screws. With the centre-of-gravity marks in the correct position, the CoPilot seat is ready for use.

Place the child in the CoPilot seat while someone else holds the bike in place. Buckle the safety harness and adjust the slack to the child's size. Pull the grab bar into the "locked" position to lock the child in place. Place the child's feet into the foot straps and pull them tight. Adjust the foot cups so that the child's legs form a 90 degree angle. With the child safely in place, you are ready to ride the bike together.

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