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How to Tell What Motherboard From the Serial Number on a PSP Slim

Since its release, the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, has had a number of upgrades to both its hardware and software capabilities. The PSP's hardware has changed to, among other things, include more sophisticated motherboards and a slimmer product called the PSP Slim. With firmware updates the architecture of the PSP becomes safer and more stable, but at the cost of limiting other activities, such as playing downloaded games or home brew material. If you attempt to modify your PSP Slim without taking into account what type of hardware, like the motherboard, is compatible with modifications, you could end up disabling your hand-held. There are simple and effective methods to tell what motherboard you likely have from the serial number.

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  1. Identify your PSP Slim. There are four basic models of the PSP: the PSP-1000, the original "phat" version of the system that was released first; the PSP-2000, the more easily accessible slim version released second; the PSP-3000, a more secure slim model with nicer features, lighter weight and a microphone; and the PSPGo, which doesn't use physical Universal Media Discs to play media. The quickest method to identifying your console is to check the bar code directly under the "Start" button. If you have a PSP3000, then, as of January 2011, there are only two motherboards it can have, and you can further determine which of the two is most plausible by when you purchased it.

  2. Flip the machine over and press the button shaped like a half-sphere on the left side of the console. Remove the battery. If you had trouble finding your model number because of a missing or damaged bar code, you can also find the model number here.

  3. Locate the section for the serial number- it will clearly say "SERIAL No." Note the first three characters. If the serial number is "HU2," you most likely have the TA-088v3 motherboard.

  4. Find the original box for your PSP Slim. Using the bar code on the label attached to the box, find out the unit identification letter. It will be listed below the version of PSP on the label. If there is a "G" here, you have either the TA-088v1, TA-088v2 or TA-088v3 motherboard. Identify the PSP's firmware to further determine what type; 3.5 firmware corresponds to TA-088v1.

  5. Find the box's serial number label. It will look similar to the serial number label on the PSP Slim itself, but will have a different code that consists of a number and then a capital letter, for example, "8C." Date codes of 8C and 8D definitively are TA-088v3 motherboards. Above these and you have the TA-90v1 motherboard for a PSP2000, and below 8C you will have either the TA-088v1 or TA-088v2.

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