How to Wire a Squier Telecaster Guitar

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Leo Fender named his first solid-body prototype the Telecaster in 1951. It was first Spanish-style electric guitar to be mass-produced, and its popularity grew quickly. However, the least expensive Telecasters from Fender easily can exceed some buyers' budgets. In 1982, Fender reintroduced its V. C. Squier Company, a string manufacturer that Fender acquired in 1965, as a low-cost, "budget-brand" that produces affordable copies of classic Fender body styles. Squier often uses less expensive electronics and wood to keep costs down. Rewiring a Squier Telecaster allows for experimentation with new tonalities for the guitar.

Use the Internet to download and print the official schematics for the guitar. Squier makes available on its website easy-to-read diagrams for guitar wiring. The schematics are listed by model.

Remove the strings from the guitar. Loosen each string at the tuner. Slide the coil out from the bridge. Some models may require removing the back panel to gain access to the strings.

Unscrew the pickups. Disconnect wires from the pickups with a soldering iron. Brush any excess solder off with a wire brush. Line up the wires between the pots, switch and the new pickups according to the schematics. Solder the wires in place, and replace any components that were removed.

Re-string the Telecaster. Test the new sound through an amplifier. Test each knob and switch position. Check for loose wires or excess solder if the sound crackles or buzzes in any position. Consult the diagram to see that all the wires are connected properly and that the black grounding wires are in place.

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