How to Change the Headlamp on a Ford Galaxy

The headlamps on your Ford Galaxy are important safety features. If the headlamps blow out, you should replace them immediately. Without working headlamps, your road vision will be greatly reduced at night, and oncoming drivers will be unable to see your Ford Galaxy approaching on the road.

In addition to the safety risk, you might also receive a ticket for driving with faulty lights. Replacing the headlamps on the Galaxy is a quick procedure.

Park the car, and turn off the engine. Open the bonnet of the Galaxy, and pull up the retaining clip on the headlamp assembly.

Remove the rubber cover from the back of the assembly to reveal the two headlamp bulbs. The upper bulb is the high-beam bulb, and the lower bulb is the low-beam bulb.

Disconnect the electrical wire plug from the bulb you wish to change. Release the tension clip by pushing it in and swinging it out.

Pull the bulb out of the headlamp assembly. Use a clean cloth to place the replacement bulb into the headlamp assembly. Both lights use H4 bulbs. Make sure the locking tabs are correctly slotted into the assembly.

Reattach the tension clip, and reconnect the electrical wire plug. Reattach the rubber cover and the retaining clip, and close the Galaxy's bonnet.