My Nose Ring Won't Go Through

Body modification is one of the many ways people express individuality. It is also used as a symbol of religion or a simple fashion statement. Whatever the reasons for body modification, it does come with some risks and potential complications.

For individuals with a nose piercing, one of those complications is difficulty getting the nose ring to go through the hole. This difficulty has a handful of causes, most of which can be easily corrected.

Check for infection. An infected nose piercing can lead to blockage, which can result in difficulty moving the ring through the hole.

Treat the infection by bathing the hole with a saltwater soak or applying an antibacterial.

Visit your doctor if you suspect infection.

Insert a corkscrew nose ring properly. Corkscrew nose rings are popular because they stay in place and feature a curved post that lies against the inside of the nostril, as opposed to a straight post that can poke the septum. Corkscrew rings can pose a challenge for those unused to that particular style.

Twist the ring clockwise or counterclockwise as you insert to wind the ring in.

Watch yourself in a mirror to help guide the corkscrew ring into the hole. This is a bit of a tricky process for those new to corkscrew rings.

Apply a numbing agent, such as ice, if the nose is tender.

Pierce the nose again. If the nose ring hole has gone without a ring for a long enough period of time, the hole can close up and need to be reopened. Piercings close up at different speeds; some can experience hole closure after a day, while for others it can take weeks, months or even years.

Consult a professional to repierce the nose; doing it yourself and at home can lead to complications such as infection, cosmetic deformity or nasal tissue death.

Wait for the nose piercing to heal properly before removing the jewellery. If it hasn't had enough time to heal, tenderness or swelling can make changing out the ring difficult and painful. Nose rings take anywhere from four to six weeks for a nostril piercing to heal and one to three months for a septum piercing.