How to Set the Date on a Omega Planet Ocean

The Omega Planet Ocean is a stainless steel chronograph men's wristwatch. The watch displays the time and the date. The date is displayed in a tiny window, next to the number "3." The watch was given its name because it is waterproof, allowing you to wear it in the water or ocean. After replacing the watch battery or if the watch is displaying the wrong date, you will need to manually change the date. The date can be changed by turning the crown.

Pull the crown out to position 2. Position 2 is as far as the crown can be pulled outward. The crown is the knob located on the right-hand side of the watch face, towards the middle. The crown has three positions. Position 0 is when the crown is pushed fully inward, as close to the watch face as it can get. Position 1 is when the crown is slightly extended. This is the position used to change the time. Position 2 is when the crown is fully extended, as far away from the watch face as it can get.

Turn the knob forward slowly to change the date displayed in the date window. The Omega Planet Ocean watch only displays the day of the month, not the month or year. For example, if today was January 9, the date display would only have a "9" in it. Turn the dial until the correct date is displayed.

Push the crown inward to position 0.

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