How to Make Edible Guitar Strings for a Cake

Adding stings to your guitar cake completes the look of the cake. The strings of the guitar can employ the same icing used to ice the rest of the cake. You can make the strings any colour you like using food colouring and create the icing strings using icing bags. Icing strings do not require time to dry or set, so once you add them to the cake it is ready to serve.

Remove the ring from the coupler by unscrewing it.

Place the coupler inside the bag and push it down towards the closed end of the bag. Push the coupler as far down as possible without tearing the bag.

Cut the bag just below the screw threads on the coupler, if necessary.

Place the icing tip over the coupler, and place the ring over the tip and screw it into place.

Fill the bag no more than halfway with icing. Pack the icing well so that there are no air bubbles.

Close the bag by twisting the open end shut.

Squeeze the bag with even pressure until icing begins to come out the tip. Place the bag over the cake where you would like to start your guitar strings.

Squeeze icing onto the cake and move the bag up or down toward the end point of the strings. When you have reached where you want the strings to end, stop squeezing the bag. Lift the bag up to end the string.

Move the icing bag to the point where you want the next string to begin. Perform the steps again until you have created the desired number of strings.

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