How to Print a Face on a Punching Bag

pink punch image by Peter Baxter from

Different things motivate different people. When things make us upset, the emotions can haunt us until we address our feelings. You might be able to channel your emotions by printing a face on a punchbag so you can exert your negative energy.

This allows you to get out your anger without actually confronting another person, and get physical activity at the same time.

Flip through your yearbook or photo album to find a photo of your nemesis. You can also look online at sites like Facebook for a photo of the person whose face you want to print on your punchbag.

Save the image to your computer. Scan the photo into your computer if you are using a printed photo or download it from the Internet if needed.

Open the photo in photo-editing software and clean it up to your liking. Crop the image so just the person's head shows and save it at the highest resolution possible for clear printing. Increase the photo size to make it the right size for your punchbag.

Place a piece of paper in your printer and print a test copy of the face for your punchbag. If you don't like the result, work with the image more and continue testing until you are satisfied.

Place an iron-on transfer sheet in your printer. Print a copy of the face on the iron-on transfer sheet.

Cut out the face, leaving a 1/4-inch border around the edges.

Turn your iron onto the hottest setting and ensure that the steam is turned off.

Place your transfer on the fabric with the blank side up and press hard with the iron. Iron the entire transfer so you get the whole image on your fabric.

Remove the transfer sheet from your fabric and examine your design.

Attach your printed face to the punchbag by sewing the fabric until it fits neatly on the punchbag.

Test your punchbag and adjust the sewing if needed.