How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator

Whether you have a side-by-side Samsung refrigerator model, or one with a top or drawer freezer, the appliance must sit level on the floor to work properly.

A refrigerator that isn't levelled not only can have problems cooling, but also can move from its original location and is more apt to operate noisily than a level refrigerator is. Samsung has designed its refrigerators with legs that adjust up or down as needed for quick levelling.

Look at the refrigerator to check which side is too low, or place a bubble level on top and check the level.

Insert the tip of a flat-headed screwdriver into the control lever inside the leg that needs adjustment. For example, if the level shows the refrigerator tilts left, or if the left door of a side-by-side model is lower than the right door, insert the screwdriver into the left foot. If the refrigerator tilts right or the right door is lower than the left door, insert the screwdriver into the right foot.

Turn the adjustable foot left slightly. Check the position of the refrigerator door or the bubble. Continue to turn the foot left in increments until you've levelled your Samsung refrigerator.