How to make wind chimes out of cds

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You may have CDs that you don't want anymore or that have become too scratched to play. You can use several of these old CDs to craft a new wind chime. The noise of the light metal disks clinking together will make the CDs create a whole new type of musical chime.

You can hang the homemade wind chime in a room or outside to catch drafts from the house or breezes from the wind.

Spray paint the rod with the colour of your choice. The CDs will show a prism of rainbow colours from the light that they reflect, so think about a colour for the rod that will complement the dimensions of the CD colours as well as the space where you will be hanging the wind chime. Allow an hour for the painted rod to dry completely.

Use two CDs at a time and add super glue to the labelled sides of CDs. Press two CDs together at a time once super glue has been added. You will create several two-sided mirror disks once the sets of CDs are glued together. Allow ten minutes for the CDs to dry completely.

Cut ribbon or string into strips that vary between lengths of six inches and twelve inches.

Thread one end of each strip of ribbon or string through the holes in each two-sided mirror CD disk. Pull the thread through until half the thread is through the hole.

Attach the threaded ribbon or string to the rod by using super glue to glue the loose ends of each thread to the rod. Start on one end of the rod and fill it with ribbons or thread attached to CDs until they run the entire length of the rod. CDs will dangle from the rod and hit each other, making chiming sounds.

Tie a strand of string or ribbon securely around the centre point (or centre of balanced weight) of the rod. Suspend the rod to the ceiling of a room or the roof of a porch by drilling a screw or hammering a nail through the end of the ribbon or string opposite the rod and then through a secure part of the overhead platform, such as a beam or a stud.