Reebok RE 10211 Instructions

Elliptical machines gained popularity in the late 1990s, after Precor USA invented the Elliptical Fitness cross-trainer in 1995. Home elliptical machines provide exercise routines for all fitness levels and goals.

The Reebok RE3000 10211 model is a cross-trainer elliptical machine with a computerised display and preprogrammed exercise routines. The 10211 comes with programs for different intensity levels and heart rate sensors.

Examine your RE3000 Model 10211 for all of its parts. The 10211 comes with heart rate sensors on the handlebars, a computer, water bottle holder, side shield, ground bars or stabilisers, pedal arm, upper main LCD screen, lower LCD screen and pedals. The main LCD screen shows five exercise measurements: time, speed, distance, calories and pulse. The lower LCD screen shows load exerted on the RE3000.

Hold the handlebars and step onto the pedal in the lower position with one foot. Step onto the other pedal with your other foot. Push the pedals up and down. The LCD monitor automatically turns on when you begin pedalling.

Press the "Mode" button on the top right of the centre console. Select a time, distance or calories setting, and then press the "Set" button to select the target you want to achieve. Press the button once to increase the target.

Begin exercising on the RE3000. The elliptical's computer starts counting down to zero from the preset target. As you achieve the target, an alarm sounds for eight seconds. Press any button to stop the alarm.

Press "Reset" whenever you want to change your target mode. For instance, if you selected a number of calories and want to change the number, or you want to switch to an amount of time, "Reset" lets you adjust your settings.

Press "Enter" when you want to manually adjust your settings. An "M" appears on the bottom LCD screen. Press "Enter" again and follow instructions to manually adjust to your weight and desired level of intensity.

Choose a preprogrammed exercise routine by pressing "Enter" twice and then pressing the "Load Up" button to the left of the lower LCD screen. A "P" appears. Press "Enter" to confirm that you want a preprogrammed exercise, and then press "Load Up" and "Enter" again. The default for preprogrammed exercise is level 2, but you can press "Load Up" or "Load Down" to change to higher and lower levels.

Measure your pulse by placing both hands on the heart rate sensors on the handlebars. The heart rate symbol flashes, followed by a number, which is your current heart rate. Continue to grip for even more accurate readings.