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How do I Look for Tension Hoop Earrings to Slowly Pierce Ears Without Any Pain?

Tension hoop earrings are useful in piercing ear lobes with little to no pain. They are also known as self-piercing earrings. Typically, this type of earring has a sharp point on one end and a tube on the other edge of the hoop. You must first cleanse your ear lobe with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, position the earring where you want your hole to be and press it into position. It is vital that you keep dirty hands away from your ears and clean them three times daily with a cotton swab and antiseptic, to prevent swelling or infection.

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  1. Visit a jewellery store and inquire if they have self-piercing or tension hoop earrings. Often this type of place offers better quality earrings. It is important that you choose stainless steel or 14 carat gold self-piercing earrings to avoid contact dermatitis due to a nickel allergy.

  2. Call the discount or super store in your community. Generally, they have tension hoop earrings at the jewellery counter. If you have a choice, purchase the type that is for sensitive ears. There will be less chance of irritation from these because they are nickel free.

  3. Ask at the drugstore or pharmacy. They often have the self-piercing styles available and the cotton swabs and antiseptic to prevent infection.

  4. Tip

    If your lobe starts to bleed, or the entire ear is red, swollen or painful, contact a physician.

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Things You'll Need

  • Self-piercing or tension hoop earrings (preferably stainless steel or 14 carat gold)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Antiseptic, such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

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