How to Make a Homemade Punk Rock Costume

safety pin image by Christopher Hall from

Punk is a music and fashion style that was first introduced by bands such as The Ramones, The Clash and the Sex Pistols in the 1970s. The look requires outrageous hair, such as the mohawk cut and bright colours, sturdy boots and tight black denim and T-shirts. The designer Vivienne Westwood used safety pins in her punk-style creations, making the humble safety pin an easy way to customise your punk-rock costume to make it look even more authentic.

Cut the arms off your T-shirt, then pull at the material so the edge is frayed. Slash through one shoulder, then fasten it back together with two large safety pins.

Cut a 5-inch horizontal slit across the front of the left leg of your jeans, about 2 inches above the knee. Pull at it so it looks frayed, then fasten it with two safety pins. Repeat 2 inches further up the leg, then again another 2 inches up the leg.

Repeat Step 2 on the right leg of your jeans.

Spray your hair pink. Use the stronghold gel to sculpt your hair into a spiky, sticking-up hairdo if it is short. If your hair is long, separate 1-inch thick strands with the gel, so it looks messier and edgier than usual.

Line your eyes heavily with black eyeliner. Apply lots of grey eyeshadow and black mascara.

Wear your jeans, T-shirt and black boots. Put your leather jacket on over the top.

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