Why Wont My Dyson DC07 Turn On?

Keeping your floors clean and limiting the amount of dust mites, mould spores and bacteria cells that are present in your carpet involves vacuuming them often. This subjects the vacuum to a lot of wear and tear that might eventually break something inside it. Many vacuums, including the Dyson vacuum, will not turn on if a component is not working. Fix this issue to keep the vacuum in working order.

Dirty Filter

Dyson recommends that you clean the DC07 air filer every six months. If you forget to do this, the vacuum can become clogged, and it will overheat. When it overheats, it will not turn on. Prevent this by cleaning out the filter every six months. Unplug the machine and let it cool down completely. Remove the air filter and wash the filter and the filter container with cool water. Let it air dry completely before putting it back in the machine and starting it again.

Clogged Airways

The vacuum's airways can get clogged if the filter wasn't working properly. This will prevent the machine from working even after you clean the air filter. Check the valve pipe and the hoses for blockages. Remove any you see with a long-handled brush.

Unsealed Airways

Sometimes the vacuum will not turn on because the airways are unsealed. If this happens, there will not be enough suction to run the vacuum. To check for this, look at the condition of the round seal on the left side of the bottom of the machine. Look to see if it is damaged. Replace it if it is. Check the hoses to see if they are cracked or damaged. Replace them if they are. Look at the bin seals and see if they are broken. Purchase a new bin if they are.

Broken Components

Sometimes, none of these solutions will work to fix the machine and make it turn on. This could be because an internal component such as the motor is broken. Attempting to open the machine and fix it will void your warranty. Instead, contact a licensed Dyson repair person to fix the machine. If your warranty has already expired, you can attempt to fix the component or replace it yourself.

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