How to Write a Team Sponsorship Request Letter

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Teams -- be they youth league baseball or women's curling -- are expensive to fund. Finding sponsorship, particularly at the corporate level, helps ease the financial burden on individual team members or parents who need to buy uniforms, travel to out-of state matches or purchase equipment. A well-crafted request for sponsorship will help you get this fund-seeking process under way.

Do your background research. Find a company that has some affiliation with your sport or that is known to promote clubs. Determine if you, another team member or a parent knows someone who works in the company: An inside track can help you secure sponsorship.

Write your letter in a firm, friendly tone, outlining what you would like in terms of sponsorship. Use short, easy-to-understand sentences and avoid flowery language. Craft your letter from a win-win perspective. Mention that in exchange for a donation for team uniforms, for instance, that you organisation will be pleased to have the company logo on the front and back of each jersey.

State exactly what you want and how much it will cost in your sponsorship request. Again, use an amicable tone when outlining the details. Be specific about what the money will be used for and attach quotes from suppliers of uniforms or equipment to indicate costs that support your estimated budget.

Draft a request for sponsorship for your team, leave it for at least 24 hours and go back to it with a fresh eye and check it for tone and content. Get another coach or parent with good editing skills to review your sponsorship letter.

Start at the top of the company and work your way down. Address your sponsorship request to the chief executive or similar. Even though chances are she won't respond in person, it places the emphasis on her to make sure someone gets back to you.

Include a photo of the team with your sponsorship request. Make those in the corporation feel they are invested in what happens with the team and that they see them as real people.

Include with your sponsorship request a copy of the practice schedule, in-town matches and any playoffs. Invite corporate representatives to team games.

Print your letter for team sponsorship on club letterhead and send your request by registered mail. Mark it "Personal," indicating that you are serious about your sponsorship request going to a specific person in the company.

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