How to Throw a Gossip Girl Party

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Gossip Girl began as a series of young adult novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Later, the CW cable network turned the young adult novels into a television series. Gossip Girl centres around Blair Waldorf and her friends, a group of well-to-do, socialite teenagers growing up in New York City. When you throw a Gossip Girl party you will need to think like the rich and famous. Incorporate fine food, good drinks and new technology into your party plans.

Give your party guests a heads up about the party using text messaging. The Gossip Girl gang uses texting as a major form of communication. You will need to find out the cell phone number of each of your guests. Send the messages using "text talk." For example; B cause u r my bff u must be @ my party. Due to text length restrictions on most cell phones, do not try to add all of the information about the party in the text message.

Set up a social networking party page to keep track of RSVPs. Send invitations using sites such as Facebook or MySpace. include all pertinent information about the party such as date, time and place. This will allow the party guests to chat back and forth and RSVP prior to the party date. Include a dress code for your guests. The characters from Gossip Girl dress up for a night on the town. Let your guests know that they should don their most stylish party clothes.

Decorate the party area with NYC memorabilia and decorations since Gossip Girl takes place in New York. A large cutout of the New york City skyline hung on the wall will give it a big city feel. Hang white Christmas tree lights around the skyline cutout or around the room. Place candles and fresh-cut flowers on the centre of each table. If you plan to eat buffet-style, place the flowers and candles on the serving table.

Play music from the Gossip Girl soundtracks. Music from each season is available for purchase online in digital format or on CD at music stores.

Serve upscale food like caviar, shrimp and a Waldorf salad. If your budget is not able to accommodate a five-course meal, consider having a buffet. Purchase small quantities of the expensive foods like caviar and shrimp. Fill the buffet with more reasonably-priced fillers like a sandwich tray placed on a large crystal serving platter or cubes of cheese arranged on a silver serving tray. If the food is not expensive, make it look like it is.

Offer martinis andcosmopolitan cocktails in Champagne glasses. If your guests are not old enough to consume alcohol, make virgin alternatives to these drinks. Place alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks on a silver serving platter and place on a buffet or side table for guests to take.

Play games at the party. Create questions about the Gossip Girl books or television series. Write down 20 of the best questions you can come up with. Give each guest a piece of paper and pen. Read off the questions and have each guest write down their best answer. Give the guest with the most correct answers a prize. The prize will need to look upscale, but does not have to break the bank. A small, sequinned make-up clutch or a rhinestone lipstick case are reasonably-priced prizes.

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