Instructions for Tefal Steam Cuisine

It is common knowledge that steaming your food is a healthy alternative to frying. It isn't necessary to use any form of fat when you steam, so you can save on calories. The T-Fal Steam Cuisine is a portable food steamer that has stackable levels to allow you to steam different foods at the same time.

The steamer consists of up to three steamer baskets depending on the model: a rice basket, egg holders and a juice collector at the bottom.

Wash the removable parts of the steamer with warm water before you use it. Place the unit on a stable surface like a table or countertop and place the turbo ring on the heating element.

Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the "max" level and into the turbo ring. Alternately, add the water in through the inlets on the side.

Insert the cooking grids into the steamer baskets. Center the grids in each basket and gently press down to lock it into place. Press up from underneath to unlock the grid.

Add the food you want to steam into the baskets. Always place basket number one on the bottom on the juice collector and stack the others on top.

Position the rice basket inside one steamer basket if you are cooking rice and eggs in the built-in egg holders. Place the lid on the top of the unit.

Choose a time from the recommended times for different foods that comes with the steamer. Plug in the machine. The red light means the food is cooking. Watch the water level indicator on the outside of the steamer and add water through the inlets if necessary.