How to Make the Color of Beer With Icing

Cake decorating involves a combination of colour and technique to make cake a piece of art. Properly colouring the icing is an important part in the decorating process. Colours add to the overall appearance and help the details to stand out.

When creating a beer-inspired icing colour, specific colours and amounts must be added to achieve light or dark beer shades.

Prepare your buttercream icing per the recipe instructions or purchase a premade icing. Measure out the amount of icing to be dyed and add it to the bowl.

Dip a toothpick into Wilton's icing colour #175 until the tip of the toothpick reaches the bottom of the icing container. Place the toothpick into the icing and stir in the colour. Use a napkin to wipe the toothpick clean. Repeat this step two additional times. Continue on to Step 3 for a light beer colour. Skip to Step 4 for a darker beer colour.

Dip the toothpick into Wilton's icing colour #216 and add it to the icing, stirring well. Wipe the toothpick clean and repeat. This will produce a light beer colour. For a brighter beer colour, decrease the icing colour #216 to two times and add an additional toothpick coated with colour #175.

Dip the last toothpick into Wilton's colour #507 and stir into the icing. Continue dipping the toothpick into the colour and adding it to the icing until the desired level of darkness is achieved.