How to Fix a JVC Camcorder Condensation Error

Some models of JVC camcorders are equipped with a condensation sensor that measures air moisture. The sensor causes the camera to shut down if it detects high humidity that could cause lens fogging or interfere with the internal workings of the camcorder.

If your JVC camcorder LCD screen displays a condensation error message, you may be able to fix the problem and get back to shooting video quickly, rather than wait for the camcorder to reset itself.

Press the "Eject" button along the top edge of the camcorder to open the tape or DVD drive. Remove the recording media (tape or disc) and leave the compartment open.

Detach the battery pack from the back of the camcorder by pressing the release tab on the top edge of the pack and sliding off the camcorder.

Dip a cotton swab in glass cleaner and look inside the drive compartment of the camcorder toward the back. On the right side of the drive motor is a black square. This is the condensation sensor.

Clean the black square gently with the cotton swab.

Blow short bursts of compressed air onto the sensor or wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to air dry.

Reconnect the battery pack and switch on the camcorder to verify that the condensation error message has disappeared from the camcorder LCD screen. If the message persists, move the camcorder to a dry indoor location and leave it at room temperature for several hours until the condensation evaporates.