How to Write Thank You Notes for Memorial Donations

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Sending thank you notes is a way to show your gratitude for the support you received during a time of sorrow. Thank you notes are the responsibility of the deceased's family and should be sent no more than three weeks after the date of the funeral.

Most memorial donations are given towards a charity fund in remembrance of the deceased in lieu of flowers. The charity should notify you as to who donated and what amount was gifted. In addition to memorial donations, anyone who sent flowers should also receive a thank you note.

Talk with the funeral home to find out if thank you cards are included in any package that you may have selected for the funeral. Many funeral homes will offer a memorial book, remembrance cards and thank you cards in a package available for purchase. If the funeral home does not, then purchase memorial thank you cards from a religious supply store, or standard blank thank you cards from a stationary retailer.

Think about what you will write inside the card. According to Funeral Wise, a website dedicated to funeral planning, a simple thank you note need only be one to three sentences long.

Write the person's name on the inside of the card. If more than one person went in on a single donation, then each should receive a thank you note, regardless of whether the donors live together.

Compose a short and sweet message to the donor. Examples from Funeral Wise include: "Thank you for your support at this difficult time;" "We appreciate your prayers, thoughts and generosity;" "We appreciate your donation to XYZ fund in memory of Tom Smith."

Address the outside of the envelope and send within two to three weeks of the funeral.