How to make a sewing machine extension table from plexiglass

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When quilting or sewing large items, it is nice to have an extension table to hold the weight of the fabric. The table is also helpful because the fabric is at the same level as your sewing machine. Store bought tables can be quite expensive and will not always fit the exact specifications of the arm of your machine.

Made-to-order tables are even more expensive. Crafting a homemade table is very economical and can be done in one afternoon.

Make a paper pattern of the free arm of your machine.

Trace the pattern on top of your piece of Plexiglas.

Cut the pattern out of the Plexiglas using a scroll saw. If you do not have a saw, you may be able to get someone at a home improvement store to cut the Plexiglas for you, when you buy it.

Move the Plexiglas flush to the height of the free arm of your machine.

Measure the distance from the bottom of the Plexiglas to the top of the table on which your machine is sitting. This will be the height of the extension table legs.

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Buy wood of the specific height at a home improvement store. Again, an employee will probably be able to cut the wood to the size you need.

Attach one leg to each corner using the mounting tape. Attach one additional leg in the centre, for added support.

Place the table flush to your sewing machine. You are now ready to sew.