How to Certify Passport Size Photographs

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Valid passports are needed for all international travel. Therefore it is mandatory that you have the correct documents, including an acceptable certified passport photo. If any part of the application is inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete, the whole process can be greatly delayed.

Since the most vital part of the passport is the photos, you may need to have them certified once they're taken. This confirms that you are the person in the photo applying for the passport and that it's a current photo.

Fill out and complete the passport application form, which includes having a photo taken of yourself (see Tips for photo specifications).

Take the photos, each measuring two inches by two inches, to be certified. The person certifying your photos will certify just one of the two and write a statement, then sign and date it. Then they'll sign one of the photos.

Follow Step 2 using the minor's full name if the passport is for a minor. The counter signatory will sign the application form, confirming they've known the parent listed for more then two years.

Have your form countersigned and one photo certified, as mentioned in Step 2. Do this especially if you are renewing your passport and you look very different from the photo on your previous passport.