How to Make My Leaf Blower a Gutter Blower With a Gutter Attachment

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Clogged gutters can go unnoticed for weeks or even months until a heavy rain causes the clogged gutters to overflow. Routine and periodic gutter cleaning can help prevent clogs and overflows. Cleaning a gutter can be a chore; but using an attachment designed for a leaf blower can eliminate the need for climbing ladders, scooping leaves and the general mess that is often associated with cleaning gutters.

Assemble the long tube pieces of the blower gutter attachment. Connect the long pieces of tubing together by inserting one end into the other and twisting to secure, or connecting with a hose clamp by tightening the adjustment screw with a screwdriver.

Assemble the blower extension elbows together by inserting the ends together until they snap into place. Move the elbows back and forth to confirm that they are assembled properly and can be positioned as needed when cleaning the gutter.

Attach the elbow assembly to the assembled straight lengths of pipe. Twist and lock the pieces together or secure them together using a hose clamp as before by tightening the adjustment screw with a screwdriver.

Loosen the hose clamp on the end of the blower gutter extension that fits onto the tube of the blower. Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp.

Slide the blower gutter extension onto the tube of the blower and tighten the hose clamp with a screwdriver to secure it in place.

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