How to get rid of old vacuums

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Many restrictions exist for disposal of old vacuums, but many potential ways of doing so also exist. How many options exist will depend on your locality; however, most people will find several different avenues for getting rid of an unwanted vacuum.

How many different options exist will depend on such factors as community activity and your willingness to deal with Internet-based means of disposal, which have availability in all geographical locations.

Determine if you can salvage your vacuum cleaner instead of parting with it. Many repairs are simple and things almost anyone can do. Even if you want to dispose of the vacuum to upgrade to a new one, offering a machine in working order stands you in better stead for options in disposing of the old machine.

Determine some options for your area, your particular machine, or both. Some states and municipalities have recycling programmes that accept vacuum cleaners. Selling through E-Bay offers an option for almost anyone with Internet access. Repair stores may accept old machines to cannibalise them for parts. Some shops that sell used vacuums also buy used vacuums. And some communities have so-called dumpster divers on the lookout for any type of potential in people's trash under the abandoned goods laws.

If you are considering the potential for a dumpster diver pickup, identify the feasibility for your neighbourhood. Place other items you want to dispose of, such as broken furniture, at kerbside as early as possible on the night before your regular trash pickup and observe for a few weeks before you place the vacuum in the same manner. Dumpster divers, if they exist, will cart off your castoffs before night falls that night. Use this potential to best effect, if possible, by placing your disposal goods outside during a good weather season. Use trial runs with other items, because of the environmental regulations pertaining to vacuum cleaners.

Attempt, if you decide on that route, to dispose of your vacuum through the dumpster diver pickup method by leaving your vacuum kerbside, but separate from other trash, on the night before scheduled trash pickup. Retrieve the vacuum, however, before the regular trash pickup if this method fails to avoid fines since you cannot dispose of vacuums as regular trash given environmental regulations.

Select another possibility, if you have not dumpster divers or if they do not pick up your vacuum, such as selling the vacuum to a repair shop or sales shop that deals in new and used vacuums, as available in your locality.

Consider additional options for working vacuums, such as passing the vacuum along to a friend who could use an old but working vacuum, or donating the vacuum to a charity-type organisation such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.