How to paint a ukulele

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The ukulele is a traditional Hawaiian instrument, similar to a small guitar. It has four strings and has been used by many artists over the years including George Harrison from the Beatles and Amanda Palmer.

Along with being an easy instrument to play, the ukulele is also very easy to customise as it is very basic in its construction and use of materials.

Remove all the strings and the pickguard from the instrument. This is not necessary but will make the operation a lot easier and will avoid getting any paint on the strings or mechanism.

Sand the entire instrument with fine sandpaper so the paint holds better to the surface.

Paint the surface of the instrument using whatever paints or styles you like. The paint should be wood paint and can be applied using paint brushes or stencils.

Apply a second coat of paint or a second colour until the required design is achieved.

Leave to dry according to the paint's instructions.

Apply a thin layer of clearcoat or lacquer to protect the instrument and allow to dry.

Reattach the pickguard and strings to the instrument.