How to Print Doll Patterns

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Doll patterns are templates with instructions for sewing dolls. There are numerous free online resources for doll patterns, including some vintage patterns that have been digitised for modern day doll makers. If you want to make a doll from an online pattern, you'll need to print it out before you can begin cutting the fabric and sewing your doll.

Find a doll pattern online. You can find free doll patterns at websites like Cloth Doll Connection, Doll Maker or Hawk's Crossing.

Click on your desired pattern and follow the download instructions. Depending on the pattern, it may be saved as a .pdf (Portable Document Format), a .doc (Document) or .img (Image File). Save the pattern where it can be easily found, like your desktop.

Open the pattern using the appropriate software. You'll need a .pdf reader for a .pdf file, word processing software for a .doc, or graphics editing software for a .img.

Check that your printer is turned on and communicating with your computer. Load the paper tray with paper.

Select "File" from the program menu and chose the "Print" option. Select the appropriate printer. Make sure the pattern fits on the paper in the preview window. If not, make the necessary adjustments. Click "Print" when you are satisfied.

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