How to rip the pages out of a passport

Removing pages from your passport is an easy procedure that will take a brief moment of your time.

Bear in mind that removing the pages from your passport is considered deliberately damaging your passport and will require that it be replaced with a new passport, unless the passport you are removing pages from is expired. That said, removing a page can be a good thing to do if you want to have a quick keepsake of your travels abroad.

Cut a piece of string from the spool that is slightly longer than the length of the page which you are removing.

Soak the piece of string in water for a few seconds.

Place the string on top of the page you wish to remove and align it with the inside edge of the passport's binding.

Close your passport while the string remains in place. Apply light pressure to the passport, then open it back up to the page where you have placed the string.

Tear the page out of your passport by lifting it up from the upper right corner and peeling downward, using the string as a guide.