How to Prepare a Cast Iron Bakestone for Use

Cast iron bakestones have a round flat surface with a handle on each side. Bakestones are used in cooking traditional dishes like flat breads, heavy dough, scones and biscuits either on a stove or over a fire. A bakestone needs preparing or seasoning before you use it the first time. Preparing it includes burning salt and fat into the surface to cure the cast iron and prevent foods from sticking to it when you cook.

Turn a large burner on your stove on high and place the bakestone on it. Turn the exhaust fan above the stove on high and open the kitchen windows so the smoke will exit your home.

Mix equal parts of lard and salt in a bowl with a spoon.

Put oven gloves on both hands to protect them from the heat.

Fold a thick cotton cloth into a small size with many layers. Dip the cloth into the lard and salt mixture and wipe it onto the bakestone. Hold the bakestone handle with one hand and wipe the mixture on the top, bottom and sides of the bakestone. The bakestone will begin to smoke and start turning black.

Rub an additional teaspoon of the mixture at a time when the mixture absorbs into the bakestone. Repeat this step for about 20 minutes until the entire bakestone turns black.

Turn the stove burner off and let the bakestone cool completely. Wash the bakestone in warm water to remove any residual salt off all surfaces.

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