How to clean burnt sugar on a ceramic top

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When you cook on a ceramic hob, it can be impossible to prevent burns and stains. Dry sugar can burn on the hob when you add it to a dish, or a dish that contains sugar can boil over onto the hob. Sugar sticks to the surface because it caramelises.

The burnt sugar needs to be removed carefully to prevent scratching the hob. Loosening the sugar residue before you treat it will help make it easier to scrub off the hob. Always clean the hob at once to make the burnt sugar easier to remove.

Allow the ceramic hob surface to cool completely.

Wipe the residue with a washcloth dampened with hot, soapy water.

Scrub the burnt sugar with a nylon scouring pad or nonabrasive sponge. Apply baking soda to the stain and dampen the scouring pad or sponge to help loosen the burnt sugar.

Wipe the hob with a damp washcloth to remove any debris that you loosened.

Scrape the remaining burnt sugar off the hob with a metal scraper or razor blade. Hold the scraper at 45-degree angle to prevent scratching the surface. Scrape gently until you remove the burnt sugar.

Rinse the hob off with clean water and a washcloth.