How to Reshape Baseball Caps

girl in cap image by Alexander Zhiltsov from

Despite your best intentions, sometimes your ball cap will get out of whack even with the most careful of washing. The brim winds up crooked or bent on one side. Reshaping your brim doesn't have to be difficult, though, as long as you have the patience to allow it to dry properly.

Although it is not entirely necessary, a ball cap washing frame can help you avoid this problem in the future and allow you to wash your cap easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Heat your steam iron. Make sure it is set for the fabric that constitutes your hat's brim.

Ball up the towel to the desired size. Fit inside the brim.

Hold the iron about a half inch above the hat's brim. Steam the brim by ejecting steam out of the iron directly onto the cap. Keep steaming the brim until the cap is damp.

Secure the cap to the softball while it is still damp with the rubber bands. Allow to dry.