How to Protect Carpet Edges From Cats

cat face image by Viktor Korpan from

Cats are great to have around, but their natural instinct to scratch can become irritating to their owners. Cats especially love to scratch areas where they can simultaneously stretch their nails, which is why they love carpet.

Many cat owners buy scratching posts made with carpet, but these posts do not stop cats from scratching and damaging carpet edges around your home. Since cats will never stop scratching, it is important to develop methods for keeping your carpet protected.

Trim your cat's nails. Trimmed nails satisfy your cat's need to scratch and cause less damage to carpet. Purchase a nail trimmer and clip your cat's nails often.

Train your cat to use the scratching post. Immediately redirect your cat to the scratching post when you see it scratching the carpet.

Cover your carpet edges with a plastic floor mat. Most cats will not lift a large plastic mat to get to the edges of a carpet. Purchase a mat that is large enough to thoroughly cover and overlap your carpet edges.