How to identify a yamaha pacifica guitar

Yamaha produces five models in its Pacifica electric guitar series, as of December 2010. These include the PAC012, PAC112J, PAC112V, PAC112XJ and PAC1511MS guitars. With the exception of the PAC1511MS with two single coil pickups, the current Pacifica guitar models include two single coil and one humbucker pickup, a five-position pickup switch, master tone and master volume controls. Yamaha has discontinued production of at least 45 Pacifica guitars. Some discontinued models only differ in colour from current models, but others, like the 12-string PAC303-12, offer significant variations.

Look at the headstock of the guitar. The headstock is the top portion of the guitar where the strings connect to the tuning pegs.

Check the logo on the headstock. It should have "Pacifica" written in script and "YAMAHA" in block letters. Look for a symbol consisting of a circle containing three crossed tuning forks near the top of the headstock

Turn the guitar around and check the back of the headstock. A small oval containing the model number appears slightly above and to the left of the top tuning machine. The serial number is to the left of the tuning machines on the lower portion of the headstock.

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