How to donate toiletries to women in need

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Local places of worship, women's homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and halfway homes are some of the non-profit organisations that may accept toiletry items for women in need.

These organisations give travel-sized and full-sized toiletries to women for use in the facilities -- as well as part of care packages that may also include laundry soap and hair accessories. Acceptable toiletries include bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotions, unused razors and make-up or bars of soap, according to Kiwanis International.

Locate a facility that will take your toiletry items. Find these establishments by contacting your local place of worship or by reaching out to your local governmental branch that provides food stamps or unemployment assistance.

Contact each organisation that provide services to women in need and ask each of them how they prefer to receive toiletries and what types they are currently willing to receive. Write down what you find.

Gather all of the toiletry items you are willing to donate and package them in the way the charity requests. For example, you may need to sort the shampoo and conditioner items while separating the bars of soap. Each charity will vary in its receiving instructions.

Deliver the toiletries to the charity.