How to Update the Software on an Alpine IVA-W505 Navigation

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The Alpine IVA-W505 is an in-dash receiver and stereo system, designed to give you the latest media options for your car. This includes connections for an iPod or other MP3 player, CD text and a navigation system. Occasionally, you need to update the software and firmware running on the Alpine stereo. This is done with a basic USB flash drive and free download provided by the Alpine website.

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Alpine website.

Choose the "Support" feature, then select "Car Stereos" and choose the "IVA-W505" as the device for which you want updates.

Click "Downloads" and the latest file downloads appear on the screen. Click the download link to download the files directly to the computer.

Connect a new USB flash drive to your computer (or at least a flash drive with no saved files), then click "Start," "Computer" and double-click the removable device icon.

Click-and-drag the downloaded file(s) into the open window. Once the files have finished copying, right-click the USB flash drive icon and choose "Eject" from the pull-down menu. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the Alpine IVA-W505 and the software information automatically updates directly to the stereo system.

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