How to sharpen my ped egg blades

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A Ped Egg is a portable "pedicure in your palm" used to remove dry, rough skin from the sole, sides, toe and heel of your foot. The Ped Egg is especially designed to remove only the top layer of skin -- the short micro files on its surface prevent it from going deep enough into your skin to cause damage and bleeding. Often referred to as a foot grater, the Ped Egg is similar to a cheese grater and therefore difficult to sharpen.

Replace the blades cartridge instead of trying to sharpen the blades at home. One cartridge comes with each newly purchased Ped Egg, and should your blades become dull, you can purchase a set of three replacement cartridges. Simply detach the dull cartridge from the plastic carrier and fit a replacement one in its place.

Use a steel, a rod-like piece of steel used for sharpening knives. Just like sharpening a knife, gently run your Ped Egg across a steel to sharpen it.

Run the Ped Egg across a sharpening stone with the blades facing down. Be sure to do this gently to avoid damaging the blades.

Use a piece of steel wool to lightly buff the blades. This process may take longer than the other two but should still be as effective.

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