How to Make a Cupcake Pinata

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Pinatas are a memorable part of many children's birthday parties or other events. You can easily shape your pinata into a cupcake and for an added bonus decorate it in the colours of the party. Or, if it's for a holiday, incorporate the colours and images of the holiday.

The trick is to make the pinata strong enough to hold together but still thin enough to break after a few solid hits.

Mix together 1/2 cup flour and 2 cups lukewarm water until it forms a thin papier-mache paste. If it's too runny, add a bit more flour at a time until it's thicker. If it dries as you're working, sprinkle in some water.

Cut or rip newspaper or other thin paper into inch-wide strips, and saturate them thoroughly in the papier-mache mix.

Blow up a balloon. The top of the balloon will be the size of the top of the cupcake pinata, so add more air or let some out to achieve the size you want.

Set the balloon in a box to keep yourself clean, and begin layering the strips of newspaper in a criss-cross pattern on the top of the balloon. Apply about four or five layers of newspaper, and let them dry. More layers may be too difficult to break. Wait for the top of the pinata to dry, and then pop and remove the balloon.

Fold a piece of cardboard into a cylinder just smaller than the bottom of the finished papier-mache top to form the mould for the bottom part of the pinata. Add layers to the cardboard as you did the balloon. After it dries, remove the cardboard.

Fill the bottom of the pinata with candy, and set the finished top on it. Attach the top and bottom with duct tape or a few narrow layers of papier-mache.

Decorate the cupcake-shaped pinata to match the colours of the party or holiday. If it's for a child's birthday, let the child help decorate it. Use such items as coloured paper, paints, markers, glitter and stickers to make it look like a cupcake.