Homemade resistance bands

bench exercise image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com

Exercise equipment can be expensive, and it's an essential part of a home gym, especially if you do Pilates or other specific exercises. Resistance bands are made of stretchy plastic in varying elasticity levels. They can be either flat or tubular, with or without handles on either end.

Buying them from an exercise supply store can cost up to £19, so make your own to save money.

Purchase some surgical tubing of varying strengths, in 3- to 4-foot lengths. Medical supply stores sell the tubing. Most hospitals and clinics carry them for physiotherapy exercises, so ask for some next time you're at the doctor and you may get some for free.

Tie a single slip knot on both ends of the tubing for the simplest handle. These are ideal if you just want to hook the surgical tubing behind a door or choose to vary the tubing's length by wrapping it around your hands.

Attach a more permanent handle by tying the surgical tubing to an object that fits comfortably around your hands or feet. This could include carabiners, thick strips of cloth or plastic handles from other objects. Choose something you can hold firmly without the handle digging uncomfortably into your hand. Tie a couple of knots to keep it firmly in place.

Use your homemade resistance bands like manufactured ones.