How to Get an Audition for "EastEnders"

"EastEnders" is an immensely popular, long-running British soap opera which books its cast based on invitation-only auditions with professional actors.

Since its 1985 debut on Channel One of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), winning an audition with the casting professionals at "EastEnders" has required the perfect combination of well-honed talent and circumstance; it remains an honour to which many British actors aspire. Fortunately, there are ways to get noticed by those who have the power to grant an audition for the show.

Join a theatre group or drama school in your area to become more adept at acting and more confident in your skills. You should learn to act on a professional level and hold your own with more experienced individuals. Take part in as many local productions as you can in order to practice and network with other theatre types.

Get an agent once you have been acting on a small scale for awhile. Hire a trusted and well-reviewed professional to represent you, and look at their track record for getting work for their clients. This agent will be responsible for promoting and "selling" you to casting authorities for screen acting jobs. Inform your agent of your short- and long-term goals, including your hope of scoring an "EastEnders" audition.

Focus on minor screen acting roles in commercials while continuing your stage work. This is a major way to get noticed. Find roles that will allow you to show your dramatic and comedic skills almost simultaneously. You will want to give an impression of your wide range.

Upload videos of your best roles on YouTube and other sites. Consider marketing yourself with a website and building a following to gain additional support. Creating a grassroots campaign online and having people join your cause may be effective as well. The more you increase your following, the greater your chances of being discovered by someone who is able to grant you an audition.