How to Throw Scar in The Lion King Game

The Lion King is a video game developed for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo systems. The game allows the player to assume the role of Simba in his quest to become the ruler of the animal kingdom. Players guide Simba from his days as a cub up to the point where he challenges his nemesis, Scar.

Attack Scar repeatedly to weaken his energy reserves. Use a combination of strikes, jumping attacks and throws to keep him off-balance. When Scar becomes weak, he will begin to pant. Stay on the offensive and jump to avoid attacks and Scar will eventually run away. This will mark the conclusion of the first stage of your battle.

Climb up the mountain to follow Scar. Jump up the ledges and avoid the fires because Simba will need as much health as possible in order to succeed in this level. After avoiding the environmental obstacles, you will find yourself facing Scar again.

Attack Scar repeatedly to weaken his defences. Keep in mind that you will not be able to throw him off the cliff at this point. Once you weaken him, he will begin to pant. Throws cause a large amount of damage, so throw him as much as possible to complete this section of the level. Once again when you cause enough damage Scar will run away. Follow him again and avoid any fires and obstacles in your way. Once you reach the apex of the mountain, you will face Scar in a final battle.

Strike Scar repeatedly and dodge his attacks. Jump over him to position him against the edge of the cliff and maintain a constant flurry of attacks. Use strikes, mauls and jumping attacks to weaken him once more. When Scar begins to pant, throw him off the cliff. Jump over him and make sure that you are now against the edge of cliff. Throw him and this will cause Scar to fall over in defeat.