How to Put a Scientific Calculator in Degree Mode

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Radians and degrees are two different units that your calculator will use to measure angles. The formula to compare the two units is 100 degrees = pi radians. When you enter the information about an angle into your scientific calculator, it will give you an answer either in units of radians or units of degrees. By following a few simple steps, you can determine which mode your calculator is in and switch it to the desired mode.

Enter the equation Sin(30). If the answer comes up 0.5, your scientific calculator is in degrees mode and does not need to be changed. If the answer comes up -0.988, your calculator is in radian mode and needs to be changed.

Press the "Mode" button if your calculator was in radian mode. This should change your scientific calculator to degree mode or bring up a list of modes including degrees.

Navigate to degrees mode if the list of modes comes up.

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