How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Programs From a DirecTV DVR

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Most DirecTV satellite receivers now come with a built-in DVR (digital video recorder). This allows you to record programming on the fly and view the content at a later date. Sometimes the hardware is a TiVo, and other times the DVR is a different model (depending on the service you are receiving). When using the DVR you might delete a program, only to realise you need it later. Thankfully, it is possible to recover deleted content from your system's hard drive, as long as you have not recorded additional content since the removal took place.

Power on the DirecTV DVR and navigate to the recording feature (either press the "DVR" button on the remote control, or change it to station 1 and select "DVR").

Choose either "My Shows" or "Now Playing List," depending on the receiver you are using.

Select "Recently Deleted." A list of all the recently remove programs now appears on the screen.

Push the directional arrow button down until you highlight the files you want to restore, then choose "Recover this show." The deleted program is now placed back into your saved viewing list.

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