How to clean bath toys in a washing machine

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Bath toys need regular cleaning. As a child plays in the bath water, the toys can quickly accumulate dirt and residue along with germs and bacteria. To properly clean and care for the bath toys, an easy way to handle them is to simply toss them in the washing machine. A wash cycle mixed with the right cleaning ingredients will safely remove all dirt and bacteria.

Toss all of the bath toys inside of a mesh laundry bag and place into the washing machine with your regular wash load. Mixing in the clothing will help agitate and submerge the toys during the wash process, which works especially well for toys that float.

Pour in your normal amount of washing powder, along with 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup baking soda. The vinegar safely disinfects while the baking soda cleans and removes odour.

Dry the toys after washing. Allow them to air dry or place them in a mesh bag outdoors in direct sunlight, as the sun will work as a natural cleaning agent as well.

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