How to Make Fake Shisha for Costumes

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There have been famous hookah smokers across the decades, from Disney's caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" to Jabba the Hutt from "Star Wars." Shisha, the half-honey or molasses and half-tobacco product used in hookah, is smoked for social pleasure and the mixture's rich flavour. If you are planning on incorporating shisha into your costume, you may not want to buy the real stuff, which can be pricey. Making mock shisha is not difficult and is a lot cheaper than the real deal.

Find some grass and twigs in your yard. Two or three handfuls should be enough. Bring the debris inside.

Add 1 tbsp of molasses and 1 of honey to the mixture. Mix it well with your hand, completely coating the plant matter.

Add more liquid if the materials aren't completely coated. Add more twigs if the mixture is too liquidy.

Add lemon juice or essential oil like almond or rose to the mixture to smell like shisha.

Wrap the mixture in cling film.

Find a metal or glass jar with a removable top. Put the mixture inside and reseal the jar.

Create a label. Either create one on your computer with a program like Microsoft Publisher, or hand-draw a "Shisha" sign on a piece of paper. Feel free to use bright colours and swirls to make your label more authentic. Cut out the piece, and tape it to your jar.

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