How to Weigh Yourself on Wii Fit

The balance board used to play fitness games in "Wii Fit" registers the shifts in your movements as you hula hoop, execute ski jumps and engage in step aerobics. The balance board also functions as a scale, and the game's calendar records your weight changes over time, expressing this information as a graph.

Once you've created a profile and entered your height and age, "Wii Fit" will measure your weight and BMI, providing you with an idea of what your target weight should be.

Select your profile from the Wii Fit Plaza. Choose "Body Test."

Power on the Wii balance board. Wait for the board to connect to the console, then step on the board when the game asks you to.

Choose the weight of your clothing -- "Light" for 0.907kg., "Heavy" for 1.81kg. and "Other" for no weight.

Stand still, in a relaxed posture and with your weight evenly distributed to both feet, as the game measures your weight.

Press the "Weight" button on the BMI results page to see your current weight, minus the weight of the clothing you selected.