How to Glue a Terra Cotta Pot Together

terra cotta abstract image by Mark Grenier from

Terra cotta clay pots are used to hold plants and to make various craft projects. The pots are inexpensive to purchase and have a porous surface that allows for easy adhesion of paint. A special epoxy glue is used to repair broken terra cotta clay pots.

The glue is absorbed into the pores of the clay causing a strong bond. Bracing the glued section for 30 to 60 minutes provides extra insurance the piece will adhere properly.

Squeeze a nickel size puddle of ceramic epoxy glue onto the surface of a paper plate. Ceramic epoxy glue resembles a large syringe. It has two plungers and two tubes connected together. Equally push the plungers to push the same amount of liquid from each tube.

Mix the epoxy glue together with a toothpick.

Use a toothpick and put a thin line of the mixed epoxy glue on the edges of the broken piece of terra cotta.

Wipe off any excess glue at the seam.

Replace the broken piece of terra cotta in the pot. Hold in place for 60 seconds. Optional: Brace the area if desired.