How to Set Manual Hands on a Casio AQ 160

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Most watches give the time in analogue or digital mode, but the Casio AQ 160 watch series provides the time in Ani-Digi mode, or analogue and digital mode. This watch series can also provide the time in up to 27 cities worldwide. The watches are water resistant up to 100 meters, have four alarm settings and an auto calendar function. You can easily set the Casio AQ 160 manual hands to synchronise with the watch's digital time.

Press the lower left-hand button on the watch's dial to enter Timekeeping mode.

Press the lower left-hand dial button five times to enter Hand Setting Mode.

Hold down the upper left dial button until the digital time flashes to indicate you are in the analogue setting screen.

Press the lower right dial button to advance the analogue hands by 20 seconds. Hold the same button down to advance the analogue hands at high speed. Press the lower left dial button to lock in high speed analogue advancement without having to continue to hold down the lower right dial button. Press any button to release the analogue advancement.

Press the upper left dial button to exit out of Time Setting Mode.

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