How to Make Hemp Barefoot Sandals

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Barefoot sandals are ideal for wearing to the beach or if you are feeling rebellious and want to discreetly walk around barefoot in public. They are easy to make, and one of the best materials to make them with is hemp twine. When tied with tight macrame knots, hemp will last a long time even in the water and the sun. A simple macrame knot will work to create a wearable pair of hemp barefoot sandals that will mimic the top of a pair of flip flops.

Practice making a square knot before you jump into to macrame with your hemp. Make a square knot by cutting two pieces of string 6 feet long, aligning the ends and folding them half. Make a loop at the centre that is about 1/2 half inch long. Clamp the loop down in a clipboard, or attach it to a safety pin that is pinned to a craft pillow.

Use the square knot to make the anklet part of your barefoot sandals. Start the square not by looping the strand on the far right over the two strands in the centre and under the one on the far left. Loop the string on the far left under the two in the middle and then through the one on the right. Repeat this process in reverse and you will have a basic square knot. Continue until you have the length you need for your anklet. Make your anklet removable by tying a clasp to the end opposite the loop, or just tie a small safety pin to the end. Repeat this step to make the anklet for the other foot.

Measure the length of the top of your foot from the front of your ankle to the top of your second toe (the long toe right next to your big toe).

Cut six pieces of hemp twine each at a length of 3 feet and fold them in half. Make a loop at the centre like you did in Step 1, but make the loop 1/4 inch long. Anchor the loop and make a simple braid. Stop the braid when you are about 1/4 inch away from the beginning of your second toe, but don't tie the loop yet. Repeat this step three more times so you have four lengths of braid.

Measure the circumference around your second toe and make another simple braid at this length. Cut a 1/2-inch-wide rectangle of suede or linen at the length you measured for your second toe. Sew the two long sides together so that you have a small tube and turn the tube inside out. Slide the tube onto the braid you just made for the "toe ring" and tie the two ends of the toe ring together. Sew the ends together. This covering is to keep the skin between your toes from chafing. Repeat this step.

Slide one end of the loops for the two top pieces onto the anklets. Put the other ends through the toe ring and tie the loops so that they measure 1/4 inch long. Make sure the knot in the toe ring is facing up when you attach the loops, or it will bother you when you walk. Repeat this step for the other barefoot sandal and they are ready to wear.

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