How to Get BBC iPlayer on the Wii

The BBC iPlayer is a free service that allows you to catch up on any BBC TV programming that you may have missed in the past week. It is available for streaming on multiple portable devices and gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Wii. All BBC TV programs are available only to iPlayer users located in the U.K.

, but most radio programs are available worldwide. To access iPlayer, you need to obtain the Wii Internet Channel for your system and point the Web browser to iPlayer.

Connect the Wii to your network and navigate to the Wii Shop Channel. It is located in the Wii menu. Accept the User Agreement if you have not previously done so.

Select "Start Shopping" and "Wii Channels." Choose "Internet Channel" and select "Yes" to agree to the charges (0 Wii points).

Allow the Internet Channel to download and launch it from the Wii menu.

Point the web browser to the BBC iPlayer home page (see Resources). Select the "WWW" button in the Internet channel to enter the URL. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the URL, and click the "OK" button when finished.

Navigate to the program that you wish to watch using the Wii Remote and select it to begin streaming.