How to Repair a Sunroof in a Land Rover Freelander

The sunroof in your Land Rover Freelander is needed in both the summer and the winter for different reasons. Many problems occur with your sunroof and if it becomes damaged you must look to repair it as soon as possible. You can pick up the required tools and a sunroof repair kit from an auto parts store.

Examine the sunroof to try to determine which part of the component is broken and requires repair.

If you have a damaged or cracked sunroof panel, use the sunroof repair kit to the panel. Place the template in the kit on to the roof of the vehicle. Before beginning the work make sure you have all the necessary components.

If you cant find the broken component, remove each part one at a time to try to determine which is the damaged part. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws which hold the sunroof panel in place. Slide the panel off the vehicle.

Open the sunroof both manually and automatically to determine if it is any of the mechanisms in the sunroof which need replacement. If the mechanisms in the roof at damaged or broken then it is most likely than you will need to replace the entire sunroof unit.

If the sunroof is merely damaged in the sunroof panel the easiest option is to simply replace the sunroof panel. Slide the new panel in to the sunroof bracket and fix in place with mounting screws.

If the sunroof is leaking, check the seals around the edges of the panel. As the seal is small the work will need to be carried out carefully to find the break in the seal. if the seal is damaged, use a sharp blade to carefully cut away the rubber seal from around the panel. Apply a new seal adhesive around the edges of the panel and leave it to set in place. Once it has set, test its durability to ensure there are no longer any leaks.

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